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Art & Healing: 

Beginning Watercolors

Learn to paint, have fun, reduce stress.

Sign up and start painting today! Only $18! 

What will you learn in the Art & Healing Course?

Here's a sneak peak of what's featured in each video lesson.
Video 1: Scribble Art

In this video Sher will introduce the two mantras for the course.  After a brief look at supplies, we will begin playing with art while becoming aware of the sensations in the body, such as anxiety, stress, fear, etc. You will learn about the three consistencies of paint, how to mix them and how to use them.  Then we will do Scribble Art. 

Video 2: Swatching Your Pallet

Swatching your paints is a lovely exercise to help you know your paints, brushes and paper. Swatching is helpful, fun and relaxing. You will learn the benefit of making your own unique chart for your paints.  You will also learn three important painting skills:  wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, and dry brushing. 

Video 3: Create Your Own Color Wheel

In this video you will learn how to make your own color wheel, learn color theory, then mix your own secondary and tertiary colors from your primary colors.  This is your unique color wheel based on the primary colors you choose from your pallet.  You will be encouraged to reflect and write when you finish the exercise today. 

Video 4: Play with New Painting Skills and Paint a Flower

In this video you will use the skills we have learned and talked about to this point.  You will learn the concepts of hue, saturation and value.  We will paint wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, and dry brushing, and also talk about how to lift and scrub to remove paint from the paper.  

Video 5: Paint a Landscape

In this video you will paint a beautiful landscape using your unique creativity and all the skills we have learned to this point, while having fun. 

Video 6: Paint a Greeting Card

Come and paint a fun greeting card together!  You can find the sketch for this painting below this video.  This is a close-up sketch so you can see it well, but you are encouraged to sketch your own picture.  Use one like Sher’s or make up your own. 

Scribble art.png
color wheel.png
paint a flower.png
greeting card.jpg

We hope that this sneak peak helps give you more clarity on the Art & Healing Course and that you decide to join us! 

Creativity is a gift to every human, but sometimes struggles crowd in and cause us to feel like our artistic abilities are out of reach, even way back into early childhood.  I believe you can awaken your creativity and begin to express yourself in artistic ways that feel fun and energizing to you.


As an artist who knows the struggle of artistic expression, I have designed this course with you in mind.  If you have ever felt like you can’t even draw a stick figure correctly, I understand.  I said those words for most of my life!  Art has helped bring healing to areas of trauma and free me from deep levels of anxiety and sadness.  I believe it can do the same for you.

The course begins as soon as you purchase.  You will be able to proceed at your own pace as you move through each lesson. You can even repeat the course as many times as you desire.

Sign up and start painting today! Only $18!

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